Whether for the one most important presentation of the year
or to improve everyday meetings …

… the SwarmBox is the solution

How? Simply by interacting with your audience throughout your presentation. Be it in the form of polls, surveys, brainstorming or engaging team games – using the SwarmBox, everyone can have a say and contribute – in a structured way.

Discover the advantages of the SwarmBox live in one of our roadshows.



Plug & Present:
It’s as easy as 1-2-3

We have bent over backwards to make using the SwarmBox as easy as possible. Plug it in, connect it to a projector and off you go. Your audience connects to the SwarmBox just as easily. All they need is their own smartphone (or iPad/tablet or laptop).

verbindung-icon Local networks of hotels etc. are notoriously unreliable and prevent that everyone can participate. That’s why the SwarmBox doesn’t need it. It comes with its own powerful and reliable WiFi.


One SwarmBox –
a thousand possibilities

People want to have a say. Capturing their contributions is now possible during every presentation. The results appear in real time on the big screen.

Two heads are better than one. Why not involve all of them in the room? Collect lots of ideas from the entire audience and filter out the best ones.

Let your audience work together to find as many solutions as possible. That way, you not only harvest many new ideas but also generate true commitment to the cause.

“What do you think?” This question doesn’t have to remain a rhetorical one in your presentations any more as you are able to capture real time feedback from all of your participants.

Using the SwarmBox, you can easily break though the usual presentation monotony.

Throw in some fun energizing elements such as games, puzzles or quizzes. Be it just for fun or for didactical reasons – people love a good quiz.