Multiple Choice Polls

Choose among many different types of multiple choice polls to create lively presentations that engage your audience. Capture opinions and preferences or challenge the audience using various quiz formats.

Polls Using Scale Points

“How would you rate the feasibility of this idea on a scale from 1 to 10?” Let your audience share their ratings using different types of scales and see the aggregated results in real time.

Picture Wall

A picture is worth a thousand words. Use the power of digital technologies and let your audience take selfie and team pictures or sketch ideas and make them visible for all.

Collect & Consolidate

“How do we achieve …”

Ask a question and receive a slew of answers within minutes. Collect everyone’s ideas and evaluate them together to extract the most promising ones.

Live Blog

This tool will bring your meeting to life. Similar to a Twitter wall, participants can send in their comments and contributions. Every input is projected in real time on the big screen and can be used for a lively discussion. You may want to let them know that the contents of the wall can be screened before displaying the results. Let them know that the contents of the wall can be screened before displaying the results.


What’s really on the minds of your participants?

In a matter of seconds, find out what the most relevant issues are and address them straight away. You will be surprised how many more questions you will receive if people don’t have to get up and speak into a mic. Anonymous, honest, to the point.

Presentation Streaming

Don’t only project your slides onto the big screen but also to the participants’ individual devices.

Ad Lib Questions

You fleshed out every detail of your presentation but, as it happens in real life, something unforeseen comes up and you need to address a certain issue in more detail. Good that the SwarmBox allows just that: Compose and throw in an ad lib interaction in a jiffy.